Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NEWS: Serpent Omega/Greenhorn/Iron Hearse Releases Available & New Serpent Omega Live Vid!

For those of you not already in the know there is something special out there right now waiting for you to listen too it. I am of course talking about something filthy and aggressive from the nation of Sweden, the self titled debut album of one SERPENT OMEGA!

Released through English label Mordgrimm on vinyl only and sporting the superb artwork you can see above, this album features seven murky, dark and grueling tracks of dirty Sludge Doom with some Black Metal influence thrown in for good measure! This album will make you lose your mind so make sure you get a copy of the record, and if you don't have a record player, Get One! Or just buy the MP3's, you won't regret it! 

Not only that but from their show last week with Finnish band Hooded Menace is a video taken by one of the fans on hand to witness their crushing set...

If you don't believe me about just how good this album is have a listen to one of the tracks off of the album...  'Smoke Ritual'

In other news UK Doom outfit GREENHORN also have a new release out that is well worthy of your time and attention! 'The Plague Doctors Mask' EP features three excellent tracks the best of which 'Witches Bridle' harnesses the best elements of Doom Metal and evokes the memory of the witch hunts during the time of Cromwell.

Not only that but Greenhorn have featured on the Terrorizer CD so make sure you get a copy of that!

Last but by no means least there is a cracking new album out now from UK Doom Lords IRON HEARSE! Entitled 'Get In The Hearse' this is eight tracks of catchy old school Doom, Hard Rock and great tunes! Eight tracks of utter riff worship! Be sure to get your hands on a copy, you won't regret it! 

Once again if you don't believe me have a listen for yourself!

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