Sunday, 21 April 2013

SEDULUS + Moghul + Caravan Of Whores + Space Witch @ Gullivers - Manchester

Once more Submerge Promotions are descending upon Gulliver's in Manchester for an all out night of Doom! Headlining the show on Friday 10th May will be...


London's psychedelic Stoner Metal four piece currently have their self titled EP out now and it is available as a name your price download on their bandcamp as is previous EP 'Perseids'. Both are well worth getting a hold of a physical copy though so bear that in mind!

Also on the bill and currently promoting their 2012 self titled EP comes Birmingham based Sludge Doom band Moghul

Currently promoting their current EP entitled 'Road To Kurti'... Caravan of Whores are travelling up north  from Oxfordshire for this show to once more bring the groove and the riffs to those who crave it!

Last but not least is Space Witch from Stoke On Trent whose brand new EP 'The Alchemy Paradox' is out on 30th April!

Space Witch [Bandcamp]
Space Witch [Facebook]

If you can get down to this one and support the bands and the excellent Submerge Promotions! What better way is there to spend your Friday night?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

WARDENCLYFFE - Ordo Ab Chao [Demo]

I suppose it goes without saying but I am an avid music lover. I’m sure I am not alone in stating that one of the greatest moments for an Metal obsessed music connoisseur is to feast upon the first ever demo from a new band. Well that is what I have here and let me tell you it fills my heart and soul with joy to tell you it is an absolute stunner! Hailing from Sweden comes a Doom/Death Metal trio that really gets my blood pumping!  Wardenclyffe are a band to be excited about, very excited and their debut three track demo entitled ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ has the ability to bewitch and ensnare your mind within the first few moments of opening track ‘Orcadian Dream’!

Ah yes ‘Orcadian Dream’! If awards were given for the best opening moments of a release this one would be a real contender. A rumble of static and feedback greets you before eerie cold guitar tones rise slowly from the roaring fire of reberb. It is pure unadulterated Doom atmosphere at its finest and once complete leads into a slow, methodical and enthralling Death/Doom sound. With crushing intent Wardenclyffe set about their business in this opening track which tells a tale of Gomorrah, one of the cities in the Old Testament who had fire and brimstone reigned down upon it as punishment for man’s sin! Vocally Jacob Nordangard shares a striking resemblance with Nevermore singer Warrel Dane (In vocal style I mean) but it’s his lyrics that are so captivating…

“In the dreams of tomorrow lies the grief of Gomorrah, walk the path of destruction, the fall. Too few that heeds the warning, the fate for all is dawning, feel the nails got hammered through our hands”

Equally ‘Behind the Shadow of the Goat’ is fast to work its magic upon you with its quicker pace, darker connotations and its heavily occult moods! Again Wardenclyffe’s lyrical prowess is on show for all to hear and within moments you shall once more be singing along!

“Watch the flames consume the notion, walk the stairs to deep delusion, I now seek the true devotion, break the spell of the grand illusion”

As a grand finale you can’t go far wrong with the sluggish and monolithic ‘Macroshift’ which once more sees the band dragging the depths to bring forth monstrous and savage riffs, dark fearsome atmospheres and overall a tremendous sense of oppression in the form of cavernous tones! Wardenclyffe’s sound to date is of a demo band, this is not some polished and overly mastered piece of music that is to be mass produced and shrink wrapped for the masses, oh no, this is a dirty piece of Swedish Doom and the demo sound works wonders for the aura that it produces. I am certain that the time will come for Wardenclyffe to make the polished album that they deserve to make, but for now revel with me in the squalor if this filthy demo and its harrowing sound!

Luke Hayhurst [8.5/10]

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Interview with Simon from UK Doom lords GREENHORN!

As autumn dawned on 2012 a few good men from Dorset became one and formed the UK’s newest Doom force GREENHORN! It may have only been a short time but Greenhorn have already graced the pages and cover CD of Terrorizer and unveiled their debut EP ‘The Plague Doctors Mask’! So with such a quick and positive start I thought it was about time to delve into the bands thinking to see just how they feel about their progress so far!

Thanks for taking the time out to speak to me guys; it’s been a whirlwind first few months has it not?
It certainly has! It’s only been 6 months since our first show, where we lucky enough to support Earthtone9, but I feel like the band has come on a bit, and changed a fair amount since then.

In the space of just a few months you have released an EP, graced Terrorizer and picked up many fans both at home and abroad, has everything gone to plan or are you surprised at how well things are going so far?
I would say, we are pleasantly surprised at how things are taking off. The response since Terrorizer has been really positive and we were pretty blown away by the comments the made. That said, I do feel like we have worked hard to get ourselves out there.

Starting with your inclusion on the terrorizer CD, how did that come about?
We just emailed them a link to a track, and asked if they liked it! They did, and before we knew it, we were filling out release forms for the next issue!

Have you had much feedback from people following them hearing you on the CD?
Yeah, we have quite a lot of emails from people asking for copies of the EP and saying that they enjoyed the track they put out. I think, the fact that we have had some good feedback from them certainly hasn't harmed our cause!
You have also released your debut EP ‘The Plague Doctors Mask’. Where did the inspiration come from for this release and how did you choose the name?
The name came from an episode of “An Idiot Abroad”! Not very Doom at all! Where the guys dressed up at some ball in Vienna and Warwick Davis, wore a plague doctors mask. It kind of sparked an interest in it for me, and the more I looked into it, and that period of history, we just felt it was a name we really liked, and was a bold title, that hopefully people would remember!
My favourite track is of course ‘Witches Bridle’ which covers the North Berwick witch trials, a subject already heavily covered by bands such as Cathedral. What was it about this traditional Doom material that compelled you to go down this route?
It felt like our most “doom” song to date, and yeah, we aren't alone in covering it, but for me it is something i find fascinating. The song is based on the life of Agnes Simpson, who was wrongfully (obviously!) branded as a Witch and accused of treason. She was forced into a confession and we all know how it ended. Witches bridle is actually the name of one of the instruments they used to torture “witches” by forking their mouths open, holding their tongues down and so obviously they would confess just to try and find some relief.
I find this period of history so compelling, and when you think about it,. People, can be very barbaric, cruel creatures.

In your time as a band have you come across and bands that you’d consider friends? Bands that you’d share a stage with whenever possible?
Yeah I think so. I would name check fellow Dorset bruisers In The Hills, Dead Trails, and both the guys (and girl!) in Caravan Of Whores and Witchsorrow have been really cool with us.

What music were you all listening too as teenagers? Which bands popped your Metal cherry so to speak?
Shit, so many different bands! Probably nothing like what we listen too now! All the obvious NWOBHM bands, Nirvana, Biffy, even some punk rock. The good stuff, none of this New Found Glory drivel. That shit,offends me. Music for people, who don’t like music!

Which bands would you say directly influence Greenhorns sound?
The two bands that we mentioned to start with would have been Mastadon, and Iron Monkey. We LOVE Electric Wizard. I would say EW are more an inspiration, than an influence, as we aren't conventional Doom in the same way they are.

Finally can you tell me what’s next for Greenhorn?  Do you have any tour plans or another release planned perhaps? What can we expect?
As if you didn't know! There are some big plans, for next year. I think its fair to say, we are planning a tour, but we will keep quiet for now on who else might be coming out with us! Needless to say, I think it will be pretty special.
We have been in touch with a few promoters, and should have some good shows soon, but for now I think we a re keen to write and get a follow up to the EP out as soon  as we can.
There are a few other little surprises bubbling away under the surface, but were keeping that to our selves for now!

Be sure to check out Greenhorn and their 'The Plague Doctors Mask' EP at the bands Facebook page!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NEWS: Serpent Omega/Greenhorn/Iron Hearse Releases Available & New Serpent Omega Live Vid!

For those of you not already in the know there is something special out there right now waiting for you to listen too it. I am of course talking about something filthy and aggressive from the nation of Sweden, the self titled debut album of one SERPENT OMEGA!

Released through English label Mordgrimm on vinyl only and sporting the superb artwork you can see above, this album features seven murky, dark and grueling tracks of dirty Sludge Doom with some Black Metal influence thrown in for good measure! This album will make you lose your mind so make sure you get a copy of the record, and if you don't have a record player, Get One! Or just buy the MP3's, you won't regret it! 

Not only that but from their show last week with Finnish band Hooded Menace is a video taken by one of the fans on hand to witness their crushing set...

If you don't believe me about just how good this album is have a listen to one of the tracks off of the album...  'Smoke Ritual'

In other news UK Doom outfit GREENHORN also have a new release out that is well worthy of your time and attention! 'The Plague Doctors Mask' EP features three excellent tracks the best of which 'Witches Bridle' harnesses the best elements of Doom Metal and evokes the memory of the witch hunts during the time of Cromwell.

Not only that but Greenhorn have featured on the Terrorizer CD so make sure you get a copy of that!

Last but by no means least there is a cracking new album out now from UK Doom Lords IRON HEARSE! Entitled 'Get In The Hearse' this is eight tracks of catchy old school Doom, Hard Rock and great tunes! Eight tracks of utter riff worship! Be sure to get your hands on a copy, you won't regret it! 

Once again if you don't believe me have a listen for yourself!

Monday, 15 April 2013

UNDERSMILE + Ishmael + Grimpen Mire + Bastard Of The Skies

Once more from Submerge Promotions comes another night of Doom!

Headlining at Gulliver's in Manchester on Saturday 1st June will be Oxfordshire based Drone/Sludge four piece UNDERSMILE whose new split release with their own alter ego Coma Wall 'Wood & Wire' is out now!!

Travelling up from Plymouth and acting as main support will be those dark and aggressive beings of Sludge Doom band ISHMAEL who released their debut album 'Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here' last year!

Fellow UK Sludge Doom act GRIMPEN MIRE are also on the bill and are currently promoting their brand new album 'A Plague Upon Your Houses'.

Last but not least is the superbly named BASTARD OF THE SKIES whose 2012 album 'Tarnation' is a really cracking release!

I hope you'll all join me at this one as it's going to destroy all!!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

IRON HEARSE - 'Get In The Hearse'

As voted for by your the Domkyrkan readers tonight s review shall be UK Doom lords IRON HEARSE, so here goes...

From the Doom Metal heartland that is Swindon... Yeah... comes a whose career can be summed up in two halves as it were, both culminating in a full length album release. Forming in 2001 Iron Hearse set about their business by releasing three demo's in consecutive years. 2002 saw their debut demo 'A Slow & Heavy Ride' (Incidentally a song on this album) whilst 2003 saw the band return with their second and self titled demo whilst 2004 witnessed their 'Ruins of Doom' demo. In 2005 the band stepped things a gear with the 'Peddle The Metal' EP before finally in 2006 they stepped up to the plate and released their debut and self titled full length studio album!

In terms of releases the band then hit a dry spell and a gap of four long whole years would open up before them like a void before finally in 2010 they returned with their 'Lunar Funeral' Ep quickly followed in the same year by a split release with American Doom Metal tyrants Leather Nun. Rather than stick to their early days mantra of one release a year Iron Hearse would wait until 2012 before offering up a live DVD from Doomsday IV but in terms of actual new material the band waiting, for this...

2013 has sen the return of Iron Hearse in a big way, that being the release of their sophomore studio album entitled 'Get In The Hearse' through Snake Mountain Records. 

Opening with the short and to the point 'Wolf Clergy' Iron Hearse get straight down to business and even include a cowbell count in, what more could you want? What you get is straight up old school Doom Metal with no thrills just riffs, lots of down tuned groove drenched riffs and clean/sleazy vocals that let you hear what the band are singing about.

"You'd better hope you find you're way back home, before the wolf clergy devour your bones, those silver bullets are just out of reach, don't ever listen to them preach"

For me this is a smack in the face of those of a religious persuasion and in particular those behind the pulpit feeding their clergy lies on a weekly basis! 

Next up is the previously mentioned 'A Slow & Heavy Ride' which was once used as a demo name although not a song on said demo. Increasing the groove and the down tuned majesty this track glides along effortlessly and is a true example of the goodness of the riff! Lyrics such as "Nobody Else Is By Your Side, It's A Slow & Heavy Ride" and "This World Can Be Dark & This World Can Be Cold, It Feels Like You've Got No Soul" take little explaining but channel into something that many of us feel on a day to day basis!

Changing things up a little bit yet again is 'Vessels of Astaroth' which incorporates a touch of the psychedelic into the mixture but tempered by some wonderful heavy Doom riffs that crash into you with real might! 'Hydra's Children' as you can hear in the video above is more straight up Doom in style and a tremendous feast of riffs, fast throbbing bass play and guitar solos that melt into the fabric of the album whilst 'Aint No New Thing' screams of a Heavy Metal influence as once more Iron Hearse just cruise on by, almost on an auto-pilot of hard riffs and catchy tunes! 

More solos follow during 'Orion's Sword' and combined with the perpetual beat and the fact that the band put emphasis and great tunes rather than ultra technical ability, you'll be tapping your feet and nodding your head throughout! Slower and more intensely heavy and doomed out is 'Black Sermon' which releases more solid fat riffs into the atmosphere and trundles along nicely at it's own pace before the albums finale 'The Ultimate Atomic Man' which leaves you on a crazy high of fast stoner like riff-age and hypnotically catchy tunes!

So remember... this aint no new thing, it's just all about the riffs!

[8/10 - Luke Hayhurst]

Thursday, 4 April 2013


On Thursday 11th April at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm, Sweden the HOODED MENACE will be appearing supported by Domkyrkan favourites SERPENT OMEGA!

Hooded Menace come into this show off of the back of their 2012 opus 'Effigies of Evil' released through Relapse Records.

Whilst Serpent Omega are currently promoting their superb debut self titled debut album!

Please if you can get down to the show, it looks like being a brilliant night!

[Artwork by Pia Hogberg]

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SERPENT OMEGA - 'Serpent Omega'

SERPENT OMEGA - 'Serpent Omega'

In culinary terms they say that the very first bite is actually with the eye. I'd like to think that in musical terms the same applies and if ever my point was evident it is with the artwork of Swedish Sludge Doom quartet Serpent Omega and their debut full length album released on vinyl only through Britain's own Mordgrimm! Created by front lady Pia Hojberg the album art is a true masterpiece, a subtle forest landscape of nocturnal greens set deep into a green tinted starry sky, and standing prominently and proudly over this eye catching scene is the bands logo, dripping with underground Metal chic and boldly stating that Serpent Omega have arrived and to be prepared! 

Opening track 'Skullwand' sets a perfect tone for this album which it's serpentine lyrics and fast,aggressive riff-age. Here the bands Sludge influence is razor sharp and within moment a pummeling has begun, lead by the rolling rising riffs of guitarist Andreas 'Jonsson' Westholm and bolstered by the meaty bass play of Tomas 'Brief' Westberg whilst behind them Sakke Sexton on drums batters and destroys the remaining threads of tranquility with furious aggression and a slightly muffled sound which together with the echo strewn powerful vocals of Pia Hojberg give the opening tracks a really oppressive and powerful cloaking feel, like the band have snared you into their musical net, sat you down, made you feel right at home and are now turning the tables by repeatedly drowning you in wave after constant wave of fuzzed out Doomed up savagery!

Vocally Pia's aggressive style crossed with some artful mastering makes the perfect sound to fit into the Serpent Omega mould and never more is this true than during the slow, calculating and ominous 'Smoke Ritual'. As the name suggests this is a truly ritualistic song and it's bass heavy crushing tones are tempered by vocal work that rise up at you as from a tomb. Indeed the mental aspect of this rack brings to mind Pagan rituals long since abandoned by the majority but still remain in the hearts of the few, priestesses and druids stand bearing torches of flame underneath a starry nights sky, blood is spilled in celebration and the serpent worshiped intently. Each person will of course take their own meaning from each song but to my minds eye this is what the band create within me!


Finishing off the first side of this record is 'Hammer' whose cold intensity and droning chant like undertone lends a little influence from Black Metal without delving too deeply into that area. Soon though the monstrous Sludge Doom onslaught has begun as riff after destructive riff is thrown high into the nights sky before crashing down to Earth again with explosive consequences! If ever Serpent Omega utilized a more bludgeoning quality then this is the song and it isn't surprising when you consider the subject matter and it's apocalyptic overtones which whilst delving into the old Norse myths transforms it's message into a more modern context...

"Six Billiard Megatons, Odin's Got A New Son, Six Billiard Megatons, Earth Mass Equivalence, Six Billiard Megatons, A Dark Beloved Brother Unites, Six Billiard Megatons' 

Flip the record over and you are instantly treated to my own personal favourite from this album... 'Warmachine'. Fast, belligerent and rampaging Serpent Omega increase the intensity for this track and fuse their already abrasive sound with hints of cold steely Black Metal one moment whilst hammering out infectious intricate riffs drenched in groove the next. It may be a shorter song but it's impact both musically and lyrically charged and deadly and from it I feel a point being made that now more than ever our world stands on a precipice of war, danger and death brought about by a constant global bombardment of religious oppression and narrow minded thining. Take away the social context though and what you are left with is an downright killer, a song that will force you to lose your mind and bang your head until your neck screams in fury for you to cease!

Equally as strong and as devastating is 'Red Sun' whose opening moments are once more gripped by the cold metallic fingers of a more dark and lurking force before the band once more open the taps and ride the waves of sludge soaked riff-age whilst at times more whispered, serpentine and calculating vocals add to the tracks mystique and evil intent. Like the last track though if you move past the in depth lyrical content and strip away it's meaning you are once more left with a bruising crippling beast of a song that is as remorseful in it's approach as a panzer tank to the face! In the same vein 'Serpent Omen' increases the intense experience further, ramping up the violence and aggression in this short blitzkreig attack before leading into the more challenging and thoughtful 'Konflux'... the song that sadly bring this intoxicating album to a close. This slowed down, calculating track, wreathed in darkness but with softer, cold and more haunting passages ends what is for me going to be one of the albums of the year! Mixing subtlety and thoughtfulness into an ocean of flat out aggression, abrasive sounds and musical dominance, Serpent Omega have gone from a band I'd never heard of... to a band I couldn't live without!

 [10/10 - Luke Hayhurst]

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Iron Witch & Sea Bastard plus support | Gullivers in Manchester | April 20th!

Submerge Promotions have very kindly hired Gulliver's in Manchester for a night of Sludge and Doom on Saturday 20th April.

Headlining the show will be Liverpudlian Sludge Doom lords IRON WITCH whose new EP 'Hangover Suicide' is out now through Endtyme Records.

Acting as main support is a band travelling up from Brighton, the crushingly heavy SEA BASTARD whose self titled debut album was released last year!

Also on the bill are London based Sludge Metal band DIESEL KING who have a new EP out called 'The Grey Man'.

Birmingham Sludge Doom band BURDEN OF THE NOOSE who also have a new EP out called 'The Forgotten Plague'.

A Punk/Metal combination by the name of WAR WOLF.

And finally WORT from Huddersfield, a Sludge Doom band who also have a new EP out called 'Wort's n All'

I hope you manage to get down for this great looking show! Doom on! \m/