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Interview with Simon from UK Doom lords GREENHORN!

As autumn dawned on 2012 a few good men from Dorset became one and formed the UK’s newest Doom force GREENHORN! It may have only been a short time but Greenhorn have already graced the pages and cover CD of Terrorizer and unveiled their debut EP ‘The Plague Doctors Mask’! So with such a quick and positive start I thought it was about time to delve into the bands thinking to see just how they feel about their progress so far!

Thanks for taking the time out to speak to me guys; it’s been a whirlwind first few months has it not?
It certainly has! It’s only been 6 months since our first show, where we lucky enough to support Earthtone9, but I feel like the band has come on a bit, and changed a fair amount since then.

In the space of just a few months you have released an EP, graced Terrorizer and picked up many fans both at home and abroad, has everything gone to plan or are you surprised at how well things are going so far?
I would say, we are pleasantly surprised at how things are taking off. The response since Terrorizer has been really positive and we were pretty blown away by the comments the made. That said, I do feel like we have worked hard to get ourselves out there.

Starting with your inclusion on the terrorizer CD, how did that come about?
We just emailed them a link to a track, and asked if they liked it! They did, and before we knew it, we were filling out release forms for the next issue!

Have you had much feedback from people following them hearing you on the CD?
Yeah, we have quite a lot of emails from people asking for copies of the EP and saying that they enjoyed the track they put out. I think, the fact that we have had some good feedback from them certainly hasn't harmed our cause!
You have also released your debut EP ‘The Plague Doctors Mask’. Where did the inspiration come from for this release and how did you choose the name?
The name came from an episode of “An Idiot Abroad”! Not very Doom at all! Where the guys dressed up at some ball in Vienna and Warwick Davis, wore a plague doctors mask. It kind of sparked an interest in it for me, and the more I looked into it, and that period of history, we just felt it was a name we really liked, and was a bold title, that hopefully people would remember!
My favourite track is of course ‘Witches Bridle’ which covers the North Berwick witch trials, a subject already heavily covered by bands such as Cathedral. What was it about this traditional Doom material that compelled you to go down this route?
It felt like our most “doom” song to date, and yeah, we aren't alone in covering it, but for me it is something i find fascinating. The song is based on the life of Agnes Simpson, who was wrongfully (obviously!) branded as a Witch and accused of treason. She was forced into a confession and we all know how it ended. Witches bridle is actually the name of one of the instruments they used to torture “witches” by forking their mouths open, holding their tongues down and so obviously they would confess just to try and find some relief.
I find this period of history so compelling, and when you think about it,. People, can be very barbaric, cruel creatures.

In your time as a band have you come across and bands that you’d consider friends? Bands that you’d share a stage with whenever possible?
Yeah I think so. I would name check fellow Dorset bruisers In The Hills, Dead Trails, and both the guys (and girl!) in Caravan Of Whores and Witchsorrow have been really cool with us.

What music were you all listening too as teenagers? Which bands popped your Metal cherry so to speak?
Shit, so many different bands! Probably nothing like what we listen too now! All the obvious NWOBHM bands, Nirvana, Biffy, even some punk rock. The good stuff, none of this New Found Glory drivel. That shit,offends me. Music for people, who don’t like music!

Which bands would you say directly influence Greenhorns sound?
The two bands that we mentioned to start with would have been Mastadon, and Iron Monkey. We LOVE Electric Wizard. I would say EW are more an inspiration, than an influence, as we aren't conventional Doom in the same way they are.

Finally can you tell me what’s next for Greenhorn?  Do you have any tour plans or another release planned perhaps? What can we expect?
As if you didn't know! There are some big plans, for next year. I think its fair to say, we are planning a tour, but we will keep quiet for now on who else might be coming out with us! Needless to say, I think it will be pretty special.
We have been in touch with a few promoters, and should have some good shows soon, but for now I think we a re keen to write and get a follow up to the EP out as soon  as we can.
There are a few other little surprises bubbling away under the surface, but were keeping that to our selves for now!

Be sure to check out Greenhorn and their 'The Plague Doctors Mask' EP at the bands Facebook page!

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