Monday, 17 June 2013

TROLLKRAFTT - Bogs & Brimstone

Trollkraftt are a new UK blackened sludge quartet who have recently released their debut demo entitled "Bogs & Brimstone" which has been released through the label Cosmic Tomb.

Opening track "Trolls of Doom" starts slowly with sounds of the bog filtering through your speakers before the band kick in with full force, fast, grimy and raw. Oozing groove, Trollkraftt play hard and play loud, their sound is thick and viscous, murky and filth ridden. As well as that they are catchy, unbelievably catchy! Everything about the band from the music to the artwork screams putrid filth and decay and their blackened sound just rolls out oh so effortlessly. 

Amusingly entitled "Dragonslag" the bands second song brings the pace right down for some dangerous sounding sludge ferocity, packing an intensely ominous and oppressive feel, an out right aura of doom and death through down tuned grime encrusted riffs, savage gurgling vocals and a thick rumbling bass/drums line. Finishing off this impressive debut demo is the title track "Bogs & Brimstone" which features heavily prominent bass play and an increase in the bands already drawling sound. It isn't a quick demo that's for sure but soon enough you'll be glad of that fact as Trollkraftt pummel and manipulate you for well over half an hour of messed up blackened sludge brutality! Cracking little demo this!

9/10 - Luke Hayhurst

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