Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Genesis Of DOMKYRKAN!

Good Morning Doom Fans!

I decided today was as good a day as any to commit to type the first post of Domkyrkan. For a long time now I have hankered to write this blog, a blog dedicated solely to my most loved and trusted sub-genre of Metal, Doom in all it's guises and forms.

Domkyrkan in Swedish translates to Church of Doom and what one word could be more fitting? In English we don't really have many single word descriptions such as this and so I'm not averse to stealing one from the Scandinavians to suit my own purposes, and I'd like to thank the band Serpent Omega who grew up near the actual Domkyrkan and whose recent interview in Zero Tolerance gave me the idea, and by idea I mean I thought that's pretty damn cool, I'm having that!

So in thanks to them for the inspiration I hope you enjoy this video of Serpent Omega... Doom on! \m/

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